client: airBaltic
location: riga
realisation: 2010, competition/preliminary design

Latvian Low Cost Carrier airline airBaltic is developing a passenger terminal based at the Riga international airport. The new terminal is designed as a brand for airBaltic that reflects the nation and the region of Riga in particular.
The airport design is based on creating short walking distances between the different areas of the airport, and creating smooth processing of passenger flows. Not only for today, but also for a future that predicts capitalizing the ongoing success of the airline.

The local culture is conveyed into the building. Latvian and Riga mitten patterns are projected on the building. A pattern is developed that covers the walls and ceiling, and efficiently arranges the functional program of the airport. It arranges both the steel constructions and a playful scheme of windows. According to the need of daylight and accessibility to the terminal building the openings differ. The exterior view of the building recalls a stretched fabric.

The green color in the design exposes a durable airBalitc company image. Boxes of natural green are found in the interior. This creates a welcoming atmosphere and exposes a durable identity. The gridlines, formed by interpretation of the mitten pattern are stretched over the terminal building and adjacent parking lot. At the crossings of the gridlines, trees are planted. Passengers will experience a green atmosphere, which is implemented outside as well as inside the new airBaltic terminal.

architectureHeleen van Heel