bia medical centre


client: Brinvast bv, Uden
location: Sint Oedenrode
realisation: 2013 (design)
program: new medical center and breast clinic, total 2.900m²

This clinic is intended to diagnose, treat and monitor patients with various breast disorders with an emphasis on breast cancer. When diagnosed, the patient with breast cancer is in the prime of her life. She is extremely vulnerable, partly because of the severity of the disease but also because of the psychosocial consequences. First contact with the clinic must build trust, both in terms of professionalism and architecture.

Against the background of developments around healing environment, evidence-based design and integral assessment criteria an increasing attention is given to experience-related aspects of healthcare buildings. The atmosphere of the building is warm, patient friendly and reassuring. Patients, family, staff and specialists feel welcome here. Functionality goes hand in hand with an original design without frustrating applicable standards within hospital construction. This manifests itself in a clear layout, routing and signage, thoughtful use of light, color and space, a non-institutionalized finish and an appropriate outdoor environment.

architectureHeleen van Heel