chair, passo di due


client: Area Declic, Italy
realisation: 2011 (design competition)
price: third place design competition

The design is inspired by a dance of a couple. The frames of a chair curve to the silhouettes of a women and a man. The shapes can be distinguished in any position of the chair, folded or unfolded.

Together with thin, see-through canvas, the shape of the frame bears resemblance to the feminine curves of the no.14 Thonet chair. The threads of the fabric are designed in a Moire pattern - the grids interfere with each other, even stronger, when the chair is folded. The angle of the seat and the back allows the user to enjoy it like an armchair. The chair can be folded and locked by a mechanism in the joint of the frame. The shape of the folded chair allows it to stand freely, without any support. Groups of folded chairs can save space by being placed in a row, one behind another. 

The frame of the chair is made of metal of different thicknesses. The design minimises material usage while still allowing the chair to be easily folded and stable at the same time. The two joints provide stability and contain a mechanism that blocks the chair in the sitting position. The canvas spans the U shaped frames and two thin 8mm steel profiles that support the legs as well.

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel