entrance lage landen


client: De Lage Landen, Eindhoven
location: head office, Eindhoven
realisation: 2011-2012
program: new main entrance and renovation towards 'new workspace concept'
interior design: same-d, Voorburg
pdf, publicatie dakenraad nummer 107, april 2012

The organization of financial services ‘’De Lage Landen’’, wants to implement ‘the new world of work’ in its organization. As a result, a new location was marked for the main entrance. This inner urban location is the inspiration for the design which resulted in an ultra thin, oval shed with a diameter of 16 meters. The spherical elliptical form has a circumference of 110 meters. It is by three attachment points connected with steel cables on the side walls of the main building and weighs 30 tons.

The 3D drawn object is build on 6 PAL-towers. The steel cables are attached after the polyester skin is ‘pulled’ over the shed edge and the cold-bent glass sheets of freeformglass are attached. At the bottom arises a triangular pattern with lines of LED lighting. These give a special effect. The polyester edges have alternating flutes, making the edge a striking appearance. The polyester plates consist of sixteen elements of 3x3 meters which are designed with one type of mold.