holocaust memorial


client: Holocaust Memorial
realisation: 2010 (design competition)
location: Atlantic City, USA

A solid steel shaped plate is placed contrary to the boardwalk. It creates a strong monumental silhouette that symbolises the celebration of history and a society of newness.

This silhouette contains two sides; the west-side has a mirrored chrome surface reflecting the people and the surroundings of Atlantic City. The east-side is a red coated surface which celebrates live and a future of love. 

Coloured triangles were used to separate individuals. A pattern of triangles, cuts and shadows, symbolise the diversity of ethnic groups that live next to one another in peace. In the night the two sides interlock, by strong fluorescent light shapes.

Victims are honoured for their ideals, on which we hope to create a place for recollection, reflection, hope and happiness.

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel