client: Gebr. Van Wanrooij, Geffen/ Vesteda, Maastricht
location: Eindhoven
realisation: 2008
photography: Arthur Bagen, Eindhoven
youtube movie highest point

The location of a former nuns house and it's garden was a walled site, almost invisible to and cut off from the outside world.

The new building, like the old cloister, takes on a modest character. Two volumes, a low rise located next to the plantation in the Mgr. Swinkelsstraat and a high rise oriented to the main street the kloosterdreef, act as one entitity. The complex seamlessly blends in with the existing local urban structures and at the same time makes a recognisable addition to the city landscape.

A new wall (+/- 65cm high) frames the complex just as the old one used to seclude the cloister from the outside world. The variety of functions are joined and balanced through a clear use of materials brick and aluminium. The residential tower, low rise, parking garage and garden wall stand out as striking elements.