l'accademia bridge


client: city of Venice, Italy
location: Venice, Italy
realisation: 2006 (submission competition)
program: bridge and archiological museum

Within the new L’Accademia-bridge the archetypical forms of Venetian bridges and buildings are merged together. The design tries not to replicate the existing, but uses its typical forms and rules and convert them into a new and respectful architectural language which allows the building to blend into its historical and cultural context. Subtle divisions are made both within the floor lan’s and the surface of the façade. Divisions that are related to the interior measurements and perspective viewpoints of the city of Venetia.
By entering, the passage-walkway makes contact with the waterfront below the bridge. The Vaporettos on the south and Gondolas on the north. Upwards the passage lead’s to the museum’s working spaces and entrance. Here you will experience a magnificent view over the Canal Grande.