ddw kids 2013


client: Dutch Design Kids Week 2013
location: Eindhoven
exposition: 2013, DDW, Stadhuisplein 1
exposition: 2014, Yksi Expo

Presentation from de Bever Architects at Yksi Expo

World City
De Bever Architects from Eindhoven will present the World city project from 3 November to 26 November 2013. The map of Eindhoven has been redesigned, together with children during past Dutch Design Week .

A 2-meter-diameter map of polystyrene foam shows 15 different neighborhoods in various colors. For orientation, the primary schools can be found in the colorful neighborhoods with flags, together with different landmarks of Eindhoven, like the Evoluon and the PSV station.

Children from different schools were invited to contribute to the model by making buildings, parks, animals, cars and even clouds. Children from outside Eindhoven left their marks through the city, in the form of train stations, gates, airplanes, flowers, boats and dolls.

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel