ddw 2017


client: Dutch Design Week 2017
location: Paradijslaan 72, Eindhoven
exposition: october 2017
program: Mapping the future

Undoubtedly tomorrow will be different from today.
Consciously or unconsciously we are always building our future. Every day new choices open different paths, which details the picture of who we are, as persons and as community.
Humanity wants progress, with new techniques, faster responses and more efficient solutions. Machines are required to work flawless, providing us more time, improved health and well-being. However, sometimes nature has been neglected in profit of progress. The new attitude is to deal with the consequences of previous actions and preserve what still rests. Thus, technology is starting to work for nature benefit. Humanizing, progressing and preserving are on the course of action.

If human mentality and way of living changes, buildings and cities also have to change. How are the cities going to answer this new era of requirements?
The answer can be blurry, but hypothesis multiply. We invite you to step inside our pattern and travel to a city where the limits between land and water are boundless, as technology and nature live in perfect symbiosis. We believe the level of water will increase and forests will prevail untouched on our lands. As buildings will become self-sufficient, they will be able to operate where no one could live before, such as in the sea, oceans, deserts or even floating in the sky. Connections will be more versatile and free.
Are you ready to live in this city?

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel