renovation eindhovense golf


client: Eindhovense Golf
location: Valkenswaard
program: renovation and expansion of clubhouse (dressing rooms, bar, restaurant, conference room)
realisation: 2018


The clubhouse of the Eindhovensche Golf is being rebuilt and expanded. The interior and exterior is restored in the spirit of architect Willem Hanrath.

The original English country-house style gives the clubhouse its recognizable and unique character. Original elements of the building will be brought back, and where necessary, are complimented with fresh and light elements. This gives the building a contemporary appearance.

In the new layout, the changing rooms are located on the ground floor in the clubhouse and on the first floor the west wing is opened, making the building more accessible. The relationship with the accompanying landscape is strengthened by new sight lines and the open character. This brings a lot of light into the building, which gives a pleasant atmosphere.