blok-p, strijp-s

blok-p strijp-s

opdrachtgever: Volkerwessels
locatie: Eindhoven
programma: werken/wonen
constructeur: Adviesbureau Tielemans

At a unique location next to the Klokgebouw on Strijp S, a different type of building is created by de bever architecten. The multifunctional design of the building is optmal for its use. The size and scale of the building gives room for new developments and facilitated the high level of creative people who live and work on strijp S.

The building fits in the industrial past of the area. The concrete skeleton and large parts of the installation remain visible. This "raw" and industrial look mirrows the work and creative mentality of the past but also of the future of strijp S.

The high reclining ground floor lodges the entrance. The large public outdoor area above it, with a view of the Ketelhuisplein, accentuate public use. The high entrance and large XL glass surfaces ensure maximum transparency. Due to its open nature, this building differs from the relatively closed buildings on the left and right, it stands out and therefore acquires a special position on Philitelaan. This robust appearance emphasizes also that there are no limits to its use.

On the north side, in the direction of the railway, a facade within the concrete skeleton accommodates an unique plastic. This facade is designed in a different way to emphasize the creative and artistic cultural identity of this special place. The appearance of this dynamic and colorful plastic is clearly visible for the train travelers who pass through Strijp S every day.

Due to the large dimensions of floor spans, thick high concrete columns and façade openings, the building offers maximum freedom to the user. In addition, a lot of space can be shared, which stimulates mutual connection and meetings. A large part of the middle of the building can be arranged flexible and has a semi-private public character. Large open spaces with voids and staircases have been created on the 1st to the 5th floor, here the changing views of the city and special places are created.