client: Houtabouw
location: Geldrop
realisation: 2018/2019
programme: 10 appartements
former architect: Arend Gerrit Beltman

The former Tweka-factory at the corner of the Nueneseweg and the Mierloseweg in Geldrop is transformed into an apartment building with an industrial character.

The building is located at the corner of a larger development surface where around 70 homes will be built on the former factory site.

Ten new loft apartments are realized in the three layered building of the former Tweka-factory: two on the ground floor and four on the two floors above. The lofts are between 70 and 120 square meters and have a height of more than 3.6 meters. In the façade large windows are  applied. The result is a lot of light and living comfort in the characteristic industrial heritage of the textile industry of Geldrop.

architectureHeleen van Heel