ddw 2017


dutch design week 2017
de bever architecten wants to bring fresh futuristic ideas to dutch design week 2017. In continuation of previous office works about the future of healthcare, lifestyle and cities, we present a new design concept for a ‘future landscape’.
Located in the backyard of de bever architecten’s office, a garden storage emerges from the dense green vegetation. Here, you are invited to rest and enjoy some drinks in an atmosphere that triggers questions about the future of humanity. The exhibition space plays with perspective by filling the walls with colourful geometric forms, from which emerges a vibrant pattern. Hidden in this pattern takes place a futuristic landscape with challenging new ideas.
In a 21m2 area, you are challenged to brainstorm about the evolution of technology, the unexpected nature progress and how landscapes will react on new requirements. This is not a space to walk through but a space to stay for a while. We want to give you the opportunity to take a break and recharge in an inspiring environment.

articlesHeleen van Heel