fifth jazztemple


client: Okko Project, Eindhoven
location: former NRE-complex, Nachtegaallaan, Eindhoven
realisation: 2017-2018
program: combination of Jazzclub with restaurant, stageroom and brewerycafé
original architect: Louis J.P. Kooken (1867-1940)

Before the arrival of Philips and DAF, Eindhoven earned a living by producing cigars, matches and beer. In 1900, the municipality built a new gas plant at the head of the Eindhoven canal. This complex has gradually expanded, but in 1914 the plant went bankrupt and the power fell into the hands of the PNEM, the later NRE. Architect Louis J. P. Kooken, 1867-1940, founder of the current architectural firm De Bever Architecten, was the city architect of Eindhoven. In that role he also designed the gasworks. 

At this moment new developments are possible on this particular site. The NRE site will be a place to give the Cultural history of Eindhoven a new life. An opportunity to redevelop the former NRE site into a good, at national level famous Jazz club with a restaurant, stage venue and brewery café occurs. A stage venue for the larger gigs but also an intimate restaurant where you can enjoy live music simultaneously with a meal and a glass of wine or beer. A micro-brewery with brewery café where you can taste different kinds of beer. Beautiful, special beers listening to names like "Woensel white beer" or simply "Frits" and "Huub", named after local hero’s and historical buildings. A fantastic place for easy listening Jazz, Soul, Lounge and World Music.