P+R javapark almelo


client: Gemeente Almelo
location: Almelo
realisation: 2013
program: art piece, facade sculpture spanning a parking garage with 360 pp
winning design in response to competition with tender
materials: recycled, perforated and folded aluminium plating

Almelo Township has placed a parking garage with a detachable modular steel structure in the center, between the canal and the railway station. This location is the starting point of an art route to the center along the channel and forms an important part of the sustainable redevelopment of the public space of the city. The proposal to transform the garage into an artwork strengthens the orientation and readability of the city. This art proposal spans the whole of the outline of the car park and gives it an overall 360 degrees new look.

The artwork consists of prefabricated recycled aluminum modules, easy to be fixed on site. The base of a module is a rectangle, which is put together with folded triangles. The 3 color red triangular shapes are perforated, so an open-close ratio for light and air entry are guaranteed.

Natural light shining on the three-dimensional triangular shapes give an atmosphere that will constantly change. Depending on the viewing distance it creates different effects, mirroring the metal, distortion of colors (moiré) and the transparency that occurs by the different sized perforations. These effects unfold at different speeds of passing the object, as pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and railway passengers.