ddw 2018

opdrachtgever: dutch design week 2018
locatie: Paradijslaan 72 Eindhoven
expositie: oktober 2018
programma: upon a time

Humanity wants progress, with new techniques, faster responses and more efficient solutions. Machines are required to work flawless, providing us with more time, improved health and wellbeing. However, sometimes nature has been neglected in profit of progress. The new attitude is to deal with the consequences of previous actions and preserve what still remains. Thus, technology is starting to work for nature’s benefit. Humanizing, progressing and preserving are the course of action. We invite you to step inside our dreamed landscape and travel to a city where the limits between land and water are boundless, as technology and nature live in perfect symbiosis. In this landscape you’re part of a fairy tale, a story that takes place in this landscape. Let this future fairy tale surprise you with the hidden philosophies about the future. We want you to take place in our futuristic landscape and imagine your future home. Imagine that this is your window and you live in this world. What is the story of your ancestors? Share the philosophy of your live to the descendants of people.

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel