ddw 2019

client: dutch design week 2019
location: Paradijslaan 72 Eindhoven
exposition: october 2019
programme: those who care

An exhibition that challenges you to think about trust, sustainability and the sharing of power and resources in an urban system. Following on from previous exhibitions, we are a platform for discussion and debate during the DDW, a place where people can shape and / or sharpen their thoughts and opinions. The theme Those Who Care comes from the DSM boss Sijbesma. In Davos he breathed new life into the theme "noblesse oblige"

We invite you to participate in the discussion about Those Who Care and to express in your own words that you feel involved and what it means to you. We place your thoughts in an imaginary tree of life, visible to other visitors. We will make a booklet of the exhibition after the end of the DDW

belleluxi©Heleen van Heel